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Camden Green Party highlights Boris's support for the City and big business

17 January 2012

Camden Green came out in force this morning to hand commuters ‘Bank of Boris £250,000 notes’, highlighting the Mayor’s unwavering support of City of London at the expense of normal Londoners.

Residents may have seen the leafletters at train and Tube stations around the borough - if you missed out on getting a leaflet this is what they looked like.

Boris banknote

Natalie Bennett, chair of Camden Green Party and London Assembly candidate, who moved a motion at the Green Party conference last autumn calling for the abolition of the Corporation of the City of London (and wrote about it in the Camden New Journal), said: "Fifty percent of Tory party funding comes from the City, and Mayor Boris Johnson has been one of the chief cheerleaders for the financial industry, which the head of the Financial Services Authority called 'swollen' and  'beyond a socially reasonable size'.

"Indeed the Evening Standard quoted Mr Johnson as saying: 'Supporting the City of London is one of my most important responsibilities as Mayor.'"

Natalie added: "That would be the City of London which has played a major role in the economic destruction we have seen over the past couple of years - the City which the IMF has described as the world's biggest tax haven, which has used its influence to get sensible regulation and oversight removed to allow the full play of casino capitalism.

 "The mayor of London should, instead of indulging the bankers, be working with national and international authorities to rein them in, and supporting the mechanism of the Robin Hood or Tobin tax to reduce the flow of dangerous speculative financial trading around the world."

Green Cllr Maya de Souza added that in Camden small businesses, which provided employment and critical local services and facilities were struggling to get the funding they need from the banks, while city fat cats continued to enjoy huge bonuses.

 London Green Party is calling on banks to be more supportive of small businesses by ensuring that any part of the Greater London Authority group — including Transport for London— only deals with banks that can demonstrate they are lending to London’s small businesses.

"There's lots of talk of 'rebalancing' our economy, but we've seen no sign of this being put into action in Camden," Maya said.

 Green Party Mayoral Candidate Jenny Jones said: “The Mayor’s support for the City of London comes at the expense of ordinary Londoners, especially at a time when so many of London’s small businesses are finding times hard.

 “As the capital London must lead the way in helping change the culture of banking and lending from casino-style speculation to useful business lending.”

More details on the Green Party’s policies towards the City of London and small businesses can be found here (PDF).

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