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Green Party Assembly Member Darren Johnson joined Camden and Islington Greens Boris Johnson to bring 20mph limits to roads in his control.

27 November 2012

Assembly Member Darren Johnson joins Islington and Camden Greens in bid for 20mph on the Mayor's roads

Green Party LondonAssembly Member Darren Johnson joined Camden and Islington Greens on Friday calling for Mayor of London and Islington resident, Boris Johnson to bring 20mph limits to roads in his control.

Darren Johnson said "Islington have taken a very welcome step in introducing a borough-wide 20mph limit but that only affects the roads the council controls directly, not those on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN). That is why I am pushing the Mayor to look at introducing 20mph on those parts of the TLRN where people live, work and shop. This is about saving lives and creating a walking and cycling-friendly environment."

Camden Councillor, Maya de Souza, said "The mayor has promised that any new developments in London will be to Go Dutch standards.  It’s obvious here that slower speeds, safer junctions and removal of the one way systems would be transformatory to the Kings Cross area."

Pedestrian Campaigner Caroline Russell said "Islington is showing the way towards re-balancing the priorities on London's streets.  Now Transport for London (TfL) should join in.  20mph limits on these congested main roads would reduce the noise danger and pollution associated with heavy traffic, allowing both residents and visitors to get on with their lives in a safer and more liveable environment."

Local campaigner Caroline Allen said "Green Councillor Katie Dawson's motion to bring 20 mph limits across Islington is at last becoming a reality.  Islington Green Party is proud to have helped build the widespread support for 20mph limits along with many other Islington community groups.  This sensible and transformatory measure will make a real difference to the lives of communities living alongside some of our most congested roads.  This is great for the safety, health and well-being of residents across the borough"


Photo: Jim Jepps

Darren Johnson Green Party AM, tabled a formal question to the Mayor of London and response is below


Question From Darren Johnson:

Your initiative within the Mayor’s recent publication, ‘Towards a road safety action plan for London ’, recognises the complexity of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) and states that it will “consider lower speed limits on these routes”.

Will you explore the scope for this with Islington, Camden and other boroughs who have indicated that they wish to introduce borough-wide 20 mph limits, including those parts of the TLRN where people live, work and shop?

Written response from the Mayor Boris Johnson:

TfL has already met with the London Borough of Islington, and intends to meet with the London Borough of Camden shortly, to discuss the wider implementation of 20 mph in the Borough and will continue to work with them.

The multiple functions of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) means that in considering lower speed limits on these routes, the potential benefits in terms of both safety and liveability of town centres need to be taken into consideration alongside the other functions the TLRN performs, including the movement of people and goods. This approach does not, however, preclude the use of 20mph limits on the TLRN. For example, a 20mph limit is already implemented on Camden High Street and, as part of the Better Junctions programme, TfL has developed proposals to improve safety at the Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout (at the junctions of Waterloo Road, Stamford Street, York Road and Concert Hall Approach) where, in addition to other measures, TfL has been consulting on a 20mph speed limit.

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