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Thank you for helping to make us the third party in London

5 May 2012

Camden Green Party chair and London Assembly candidate Natalie Bennett said following the announcement last night of the London mayoral and Assembly election results:

"Thank you to the 28.2% of Camden and Barnet voters who gave either their first or second preference to Green candidate Jenny Jones in last week's London mayoral ballot, and to the 10% who gave us their London member proportional vote, helping to comfortably return Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson to the London Assembly.

"You've helped to make the Green Party clearly the third party in London behind the Tories and Labour, and shown there's a strong appetite for a new kind of politics - a politics that recognises that low pay and inadequate benefits are causing great damage to lives in our society, while the wealthy and multinational companies are failing to make a fair contribution in taxes.

"You've demonstrated that voters can and will chose policies that can clean up London's air, design the streets for pedestrians and cyclists rather than cars, that support small businesses not giant supermarkets and multinational companies, that insulate 1 million houses to cut fuel bills and save carbon emissions.

"Jenny and Darren will be fighting for these policies, and for the Fair Pay Mark system to identify companies that pay both staff and contractors at least the London Living Wage, and for more sensible management of police resources to direct them onto the streets and into communities, not stuck with paperwork.

"Here in Camden we'll be looking to build on our strong vote, looking towards the council and European elections in 2014. We've got a lot to do in building the strength of this new kind of politics, Green politics.

"We invite interested people to join us."

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