Natalie Bennett, Green Party candidate for Holborn and St Pancras

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Natalie, 44, lives in Somers Town. A journalist and community campaigner, she  has lived in Camden for the past decade, and has been active in campaigns including Keep Our NHS Public, against the proposed UKCMRI medical lab in Somers Town, and for community food growing. She is the chair of the Green Party Women group, and has worked in Asia on women's development issues.

She said: "When I joined the Green Party four years ago, I was certainly not expecting to be be seeking election to Westminster today. What made me join the Greens then, when I’d never expected to get involved in party politics, was concern about the state of the world’s environment. The figures about global warming, about the state of the world’s water supply and soils, had me gravely concerned. I felt that I needed to do something - and that the Green Party understood like no other organisation the need to act now, and the need to use the political system to bring about change.

"Since then it has become increasingly obvious that there are real issues of equality, poverty and discrimination that Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems have no intention of addressing. We need a fresh direction rather than business as usual in one of three near-identical flavours.

"It is the desire to tackle these two inter-related critical sets of issues – the environmental and the social - that led me to decide to stand for parliament."

Should you have any queries about my policies, want to raise an issue with me, or want to offer to help my campaign, please email or call the Camden Green Party on 0207-388 8969.

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