The Air That We Breathe, report from event on 21 May 2019


Dee Searle introduced the evening's debate by providing a summary of Camden Greens' 2013 air pollution citizen science programme. That campaign provided some alarming results, showing that, apart from one small patch of grass in the middle of Hampstead Heath, the entire Borough of Camden exceeded the legal limits for air pollution by a long chalk. The campaign attracted considerable media and public attention so, four years on, Camden Greens decided to look at the issue again.

Since that 2013 campaign, when we were ahead of the curve in accurately measuring emissions locally, air quality has shot to the top of the news agenda. Technological research and development has advanced at a phenomenal rate. Matched by sharpened environmental focus, pollution has moved to a whole new level of knowledge and understanding. Time to talk to the top teams.

Camden Greens invited four of the best to map out what is happening at the coalface, so to speak. What we know and what we don't. What should we fear and what should be applauded? And what can we all now do to slow down killer emissions and speed up the recovery process.




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