Stop spraying toxic weedkiller in Camden

19 June 2016

Despite repeated health warnings, and an EU-wide ban possible at the end of June, Camden Council has refused to rule out the use of toxic weedkiller glyphosate in public spaces. 

Below is our open letter to Cllr Meric Apak, Camden Council's Cabinet Member for Sustainability & Environment, calling for an immediate end to the use of glyphosate in Camden.

Activists are campaigning against the spraying of glyphosate in Camden Square. Please CLICK HERE to support their petition, which currently has more than 3,000 of its target 4,000 signatures.

Dear Cllr Apak,

The toxic weedkiller glyphosate could be banned from Europe at the end of June when its current licence expires, following increasing, serious concern over its impact on human and animal health and the environment. The European Union was set to approve a temporary extension on 6 June but was blocked by several EU countries (not including Britain) who called for a thorough independent study into the health risks. This followed a vote by the European Parliament in April to oppose the approval of glyphosate for most agricultural applications, home gardening and in public parks and playgrounds..

In the light of these developments, plus growing fears among local residents and the availability of other options for controlling weeds, will Camden Council now suspend the use of glyphosate herbicide in areas of Camden where the public could be exposed to it?

The council has previously stated that it is closely monitoring progress in the EU and will adjust its approach in light of any changes in EU or Government guidance. It would be horrendous if Camden's public spaces are subjected to treatment with glyphosate in the last few weeks before an outright ban.

Councillor Sian Berry, Green Party, Highgate Ward
Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader & Camden resident
Dee Searle & John Holmes, Co-Chairs, Camden Green Party


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