Do the Big Renters Survey

26 August 2016

Renters have your say

Camden’s Green Councillor and member of the London Assembly, Sian Berry, has launched a new survey to find out about the problems faced by London’s 2.3 million private renters.

It asks about problems with costs, contracts, bad landlords and letting agents, maintenance and repairs. Sian wants to find out how renters think a union of tenants working together could help improve their rights and situation. If you have ever rented in London your experiences will be valuable to this work.

Sian says:

"As a private renter, like 2.3 million other Londoners, I know that the insecurity, cost and lack of control over your living arrangements can take its toll. My flat’s toilet is never properly fixed by my landlord and has just broken again. I’ve shelled out more than half my pay in rent and lived in six different houses and flats since I moved to London."

Sian sits on the Assembly's Housing Committee and will chair it from next year, so the survey aims to collect evidence, views and stories on the crisis in London’s private renting market. It also asks how a union of renters working together could help individuals fight their corner and improve rights for tenants across the city.

The London Assembly also recently voted for Sian’s motion to call for powers and funds to meet the urgent need for new social housing in London.


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