Camden Green Party letter on CS11 and Air Pollution

17 October 2016

Attending Saturday's demonstration in favour of CS11, it became clear that people on both sides of the debate are rightly concerned about dangerous levels of air pollution in Camden.

Unfortunately the impression is given that the views of well-meaning people on the anti-CS11 side have been turned against cycling infrastructure by a minority determined that the convenience of car usage should take priority over all other considerations.

As monitoring by Camden Green Party and numerous community groups has shown, we already have dangerous levels of air pollution from the busiest roads in Kentish Town to the backstreets of Hampstead.

While local traffic calming measures can play an important role is reducing very high levels of pollution at certain hotspots, we can only make our air genuinely safe by reducing our reliance on motor vehicles in general.

The CS11 proposal is not flawless and should take into account residents' concerns. But the best option for reducing air pollution is not to cancel it. We need to invest in cycling infrastructure like CS11 and create a virtuous circle where people are encouraged to swap cars for bikes, reducing traffic and in turn making it safer and healthier for people to cycle.

John Holmes

Co-Chair, Camden Green Party

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