Highgate Newtown Community Centre: big decisions ahead

12 November 2016

Highgate residents have been discussing the future of the community centre site for many years.

The old building needs work to make it properly accessible and reduce its running costs, and now the Council has put in its planning application to demolish the building and replace it with 31 private homes and a new modern centre.

Model of the current plans

But is this the right choice for Highgate? The plans will take more than two years to be built, involve digging a huge basement for the sports hall, and the new centre will hardly be any bigger than the current one.

None of the new homes planned will be affordable, and the new buildings will be bigger and more imposing than what is on the site now.

There are big risks involved in the current plans, two families will lose their homes, nearby gardens reduced, and we’ll have no local community centre while they are carried out.

Are previous options that would have built a new centre but converted the old building to new housing a better bet?

Or should the current centre be kept and refurbished over time, selling off the boarded up caretaker’s house to help pay?

These are all important questions for the Council to consider.

Whether you think the new plans are the best option for Highgate or not, please have your say to the planning committee before 1 December 2016 

Click here or go to www.camden.gov.uk/planning and search for application number 2016/6088/P

Local residents opposed to the plans have set up a space for discussion and info here:

The Council’s project page is here:

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