Too poor to pay – Greens stop tax injustice

1 February 2018

After it started charging Council Tax to its poorest residents in 2013, John Holmes and Sian Berry suspected Camden Council was spending almost as much on lawyers and bailiffs to recover money from people who could not pay as it was bringing in.

Assessments of the three years of the policy showed this was the case.

After a long Green Party campaign, led by Highgate campaigner John Holmes, Camden’s Labour Council eventually decided to stop these charges in 2017.

John says: “Charging Council Tax to residents who can’t afford to pay was a lose-lose for the Council. Bringing in the bailiffs wasn’t even saving money, and it made life hard for some very vulnerable people.”

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Green Party calls for Council Tax amnesty as new stats show Camden used bailiffs 531 times last year against its poorest residents

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