Camden Green Party launches policy pledges ahead of local elections

20 April 2022

Camden Green Party Action Day

Camden's Green Party have today published their key policy pledges, setting out their workplan for the next four years and their ideas for how Camden Council should be run.

At the heart of the document is their promise to be fearless in their scrutiny of the Council, holding Camden's Labour majority to account and pushing them to be better. For example, over the past eight years as a councillor Sian Berry has been successful in calling for more scrutiny of the Community Investment Programme, and in pushing for bold action on climate change, and a fairer, 100 per cent Council Tax discount for people on the lowest incomes.

Key pledges include giving real pow­er back to the people of Camden, including through the creation of a new Resident Empow­erment Fund, and keeping the Council accountable by bringing more services in-house and creating savings over the longer term.

To support residents through the cost-of-living crisis, the Greens will set up a pioneering trial of a basic income to demonstrate the benefits of real financial secu­rity to Camden's residents. They will purchase more existing homes to add new council hous­ing supply, particularly aimed at larger family homes, and will create more council-owned homes that key workers can afford at London Living Rent.

Green councillors will also significantly increase support for community groups helping people save money and resourc­es, including repair and re-use services and food co-operatives. They also aim to open up more of the 100+ currently empty Camden-owned buildings, industrial spaces, offices and shops for community use.

On the green agenda, the party will create more parks and greener street spaces with places to sit and relax alongside new street trees. They will fund more secure bike parking hangars and fast EV charging points in every ward, and will work with communities to reduce through traffic on our worst rat runs with healthy streets plans across the borough. They will also set up a permanent Citizens' Climate Assembly to make bolder plans from the ground up to meet our climate goals.

Councillor Lorna Jane Russell said: "The last few years have been difficult for our residents and communities, so we are pleased to present our vision for a better Camden today, setting out bold plans to keep Labour honest, create more secure homes for families, boost people's financial wellbeing, improve our public services, and meet our ambitious net zero goals."

Councillor Sian Berry added: "Your choice this year is hard work and a council held to account by Green council­lors, or more Labour councillors to add to their huge majority."

Donwload our key policy pledges. 

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