Camden Green Party 12 December General Election candidates announced

31 October 2019

For immediate release

31 October 2019

Camden and Brent Greens announce their candidates for the December 12 general election. 

Green London Assembly candidate Kirsten de Keyser (Holborn & St Pancras) and Green environmental campaigner David Stansell(Hampstead & Kilburn) have been elected by the party membership to stand for election in the December 12 general election.

Kirsten de Keyser said "Holborn & St Pancras is an exciting constituency to contest. Long considered a safe Labour seat, it is clear that no place is safe any longer in British politics. The old parties are broken and new voices are needed to carry our community forwards, with fresh energy and bold ideas. I am one of those new voices and I look forward to helping Holborn & St Pancras to join the New Green Wave of progressive health and social care policy, education reform and environmental protection." 

David Stansell, Hampstead & Kilburn said "Ultimately everything depends on our environment and I see my role as helping to reset the way we engage with and perceive our role within it to ease the inevitable transition to a low carbon economy. We urgently need to rewild to save our biodiversity and improve the ability of our land to absorb emissions, not just in the UK but internationally also and I hope to influence policy significantly in this area. I see both inequality and Brexit as related disasters and I will hold this incompetent government to account to help to address both of these critical issues."

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